Diversion refers to criminal activity involving prescription drugs.  Good medicines help many patients cope with conditions such as chronic pain, anxiety, and ADHD.  But some medications are used for the wrong reasons.  Like illegal drugs, these prescription drugs have a high "street value" and can lead to addiction.  In order for law enforcement to combat Rx drug crimes it is essential for officers to know the most common drugs of abuse, what laws apply, and what resources are available.

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Diversion 101 for Law Enforcement

October 2, 2014
Lafayette Police Department Training Center
Lafayette, Indiana

What's this Suboxone that's in the news lately?

Suboxone has actually been around for awhile.  It is a synthetic opioid that has helped many addicts on the path to recovery.  But like other opioids, it has a place on the black market.  Learn more about Suboxone and other drugs of abuse in Diversion 101.